Jere Melo Foundation
  Newsletter - August 2019 (Click to open)

The Jere Melo Foundation was formed to continue the work of Jere Melo.  The goal of the foundation is to educate the community about the need for safety and environmental health in our forest lands and open space on public and private property.   Please enter our site to read about the Foundation, our work, events and to learn more about projects the Foundation has been involved in.


Jere Melo Foundation

P.O. Box 118 

Fort Bragg CA 95437

Board Members: John Andersen, Maribelle Anderson, Ryan Bushnell, Sarah Bushnell, Roy Kornmeyer, Madeleine Melo,  Heather Morrison Lindy Peters, Dick Royat, Linda Royat, Paul Trouette

Executive Director: Anna Russell